Fit to Fly

Travelling internationally under the current circumstances requires you to be tested for coronavirus.

If you're looking to fly you'll need a covid test and a fit to fly certificate.

It's really easy to book a test with us!

Firstly, check what the travel restrictions are for the country you want to travel to on the website.

Is it a red or Rest of the World country?

Depending on what the restrictions are will have an impact on the rules and the test you will require.

Secondly, once you know where you're travelling, again, check the website for what the entry requirements are of that country.

E.g. Do you need proof of residency? Do you need a PCR test or an Antigen test? What time frame do you need to be tested in? Are the quarantine and testing rules the same for departure and arrival?

All these things are worth checking before booking your holiday and definitely before you book your covid test so that you book that right one.

We provide all the tests you could need for travelling internationally. Our tests cover both your Fit to Fly and Test to Release requirements.

These are the tests you will need to choose from:

Fit to Fly:

  • PCR Swab Test, results in 48 hours
  • PCR Swab Test, results in 24 hours
  • PCR Swab Test, results in 12 hours
  • Rapid Antigen Swab with Fit to Fly

Test to Release:

  • Day 2
  • Day 2 and Day 8
  • Day 5 Test to Release


  • Antigen Fit to Fly plus Day 5 Test to Release
  • PCR Fit to Fly plus Day 2 and Day 8 and Test to Release
  • PCR Fit to Fly plus Day 5 Test to Release

Next up, book a test through our quick and easy booking system.

You can book a test just for yourself or for multiple people if you are travelling in a group.

We will send you confirmation of your booking along with some guidelines for what to do when you arrive for your test.

All our tests are performed by trained staff at our government approved Covid testing facilities across the Midlands.

Travel safely and book your test today!