Keep Your Business Safe with Rapid Testing

It is not always possible for employees to work from home.

What your employees work in a factory environment or a workplace where it's hard to socially distance at all times?

We are committed in helping to get the UK's workforce back to work.

The sooner we can do this, the sooner our economy can recover.

We can now provide reliable, safe and scalable on-site Antigen Rapid Testing at your premises.

If you would prefer to do the testing yourselves you can order testing kits from us as well.

Our unique 15-minute COVID antigen and antibody testing strategy enables us to implement a rapid response to COVID-19 for both the general public and businesses alike.

The current Government led PCR testing regime is currently under great strain and will be subject to additional pressure as we are in the winter months.

We believe that rapid testing can provide solutions and ease the burden on the already stretched NHS.

We have already performed thousands of corporate tests in Nottingham, our staff are well trained and are committed to the safety of others.

Fit to Fly Certificates will be with you by the end of the day you were tested on.

Select any test type from the list below

Antibody Test

An IgG blood test to check whether you have had COVID-19 in the past...

Antigen Test

This COVID-19 antigen test is perfect for people who need an immediate test for business settings...


The PCR swab test is painless and quick...

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