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Please Note - It is your responsibility to check with your travel operator to ensure you book the correct test for their requirements.

Available Tests


An IgG blood test to check whether you have had COVID-19 in the past…


This COVID-19 antigen test is perfect for people who need an immediate test...


The PCR swab test will determine if you have Covid-19. Tests are sent to a lab for accurate results...

Fit to Fly Requirement

Many airlines are now requiring fit to fly certification before travel.

Fit to Fly certification is proof that you have undergone a Covid Test and passed within a certain time frame of departure.

This safety measure is being put in place by many airlines to improve traveller confidence and to ensure the safety of their passengers and members of staff.

To find out more about travelling, booking your fit to fly, and what package to choose click here.


Why Does It Cost Money?

The NHS simply does not have the logistical or financial resources to test everyone who would benefit from knowing whether they have been infected by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

We appreciate that NHS resources do need to be used in the most effective way and we want to support them where we can by providing an option for anyone who wishes to use their own resources in these extraordinary times.

We are proud to be able to help by making tests available to anyone who chooses to invest their personal resources in getting tested, relieving some of the pressure on our public services.

On an individual level it can make a big difference to yourself, those close to you, and the wider community, knowing whether you are infected by covid-19 and whether you are infectious to others and whether you have already had it in the past – perhaps without any symptoms at all.


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